Contact Information

Music Manager Steven Lauterwasser
Business Manager Rachel Durney
Webmaster Sung Hyup Lee
Advisory Director Mark Sumner

Hire Us!

Perfect Fifth loves to perform at various campus events at the University, as well as singing for private parties around the Bay Area. To hire Perfect Fifth for your event, please contact our business manager.

Our mailing address is:

Perfect Fifth
University of California Choral Ensembles
72 Cesar Chavez Center
Berkeley, CA 94720

Support UC Choral Ensembles

Make a gift to UC Choral Ensembles by going to UC Berkeley's Give to Cal webpage. If you would like to make a donation to Perfect Fifth, please notate our group with the gift. If you would like to send us a check, please make it out to "UC Regents-UCCE Perfect Fifth" and mail it to: Perfect Fifth, University of California Choral Ensembles, 72 Cesar Chavez Center, Berkeley, CA 94720. We graciously accept any and all donations, and are always thankful for your kind support.

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