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Fall 2018

Welcome Back to A Cappella, Zellerbach Hall, August 2018, L-R: Steven Lauterwasser, Maria Kurakina, Erina Szeto, Sung Lee, Elizaveta Tremsina

Fall 2011

Outside Caesar Chavez after rehearsal, September 2011

Perfect Fifth: The Fellowship of the Pitch Pipe (UCCE Halloween Show 2010 - theme: Lord of the Rings)

Fall Retreat 2009

Fall Retreat 2009 - L to R: (back row) Scott, Jeremy, Raf, Vincent, David, Maxime (not pictured: Jonathan), (front row) Stacy, Kealie, Lauren, Elizabeth, Hilary, Genoa, Anna

Valentine Concert 2009

Dept. of Music Valentine's Concert, February 2009 - (L to R) Jonathan, Lauren, Genoa, Scott, Hilary, Maxime, Kealie, Raf, Anna, Vincent, Elizabeth, David

Winter Concert 2008

Winter Concert 2008, When Parody Was Proper - (L to R) Jonathan, Lauren, Jeremy, Genoa, Scott, Hilary, Maxime, Kealie, Raf, Anna, Vincent, Elizabeth, David, Stacy

2008 UCCE Holiday Show

At the annual UC Choral Ensembles' Holiday Show in Dec 2008, Perfect Fifth decided to take the theme of "Surprise Presence/Presents" to a whole new level.

Spring Concert 2008

Spring Concert 2008, Magellan's Melodies: Music from Around the World - (L to R) Stacy, Eric, Elizabeth, Scott, Elana, Maxime, Joscelyn, Vincent, Kealie, Shomik, Anna

Winter Concert 2007

A beautiful artistic rendition of P5 for a beautiful winter concert, 2007 (courtesy of Doug Raymond) - L to R: Elana, Scott, Kealie, Maxime, Stacy, Eric, Elizabeth, Vincent, Anna, Shomik, Joscelyn

UCCE Halloween Show 2007

Arrr, Matey! P5 Pirates at the UCCE Halloween Show - L to R: (back row) Maxime, Kealie, Scott, Shomik, Elizabeth, (front row) Stacy, Elana, Joscelyn, Vincent, Eric, (kneeling) Anna

UCCE Banquet 2007

After the UCCE Banquet - L to R: (back row) Kealie, Maxime, Stacy, Elana, Joscelyn, Darcy, (front row) Vincent, Scott, Keith, Harvey

Spring Retreat 2007

Enjoying Fenton's Ice Cream for Spring Retreat 2007: (L to R) Scott, Maxime, Stacy, Joscelyn, Elana, Keith. (Yes, we were coloring, too)

UCCE Halloween Show 2006

UCCE Halloween Show 2006: (L to R) Elana, Galen, Darcy, Maxime, Stacy, Vincent, Joscelyn, Scott. Flashing devil horns added some fun to our Fire/Devil theme.

Fall Retreat 2006

Fall Retreat 2006 - L to R: (back row) Galen, Darcy, Harvey, Kealie, Maxime, Vincent, (front row) Scott, Elana, Joscelyn, Stacy

We returned to Stacy's house for our fall retreat 2006, where we rehearsed some of our repertoire in a wine cave to hear an acoustic similar to that of Hearst Mining on the Cal campus. While there, we practiced one of our favorite pieces, Josef Rheinberger's Abendlied, which you can watch here.

Spring Concert 2006

Spring Concert 2006: (L to R) Keith, David, Maggie, Darcy, Philip, Athena, Daniel, Stacy

UC Alumni Chorus Concert, It Takes Two, 2006

Winter Concert 2005

P5 Reunion Party at Brini's! L to R: (back row) Kenji, Sara, Kristen, Darcy, Stacy, Daniel, Keith, (front row) Ari, Sabrina, Park

Celebrating after the Winter Concert! L to R: Tracy Wong, Stacy Rutz, Sabrina Santiago (P5 Alum), Daniel Chen

This year's managers Keith Rarick & Stacy Rutz smile with pride after P5's Winter Concert in Hearst Mining.

Left to right: Daniel, David, Stacy, Darcy, Keith, Maggie, Philip, Athena

Spring Concert 2005

Spring Concert in Hearst Mining Lobby; Left to right: Keith, Joey, Stacy, Park, Daniel, Sabrina, Caitlin, Athena, Anand, Ari


Back row: Kenji, Ben, Arjun; Standing: Sarah, Anand, Darcy, Lily, Cameron, Kristen; On couch: Park, Joey, Ari; Kneeling: Sabrina, Caitlin, Daniel, Brette

UCCE Halloween Show 2004

Death reigns at the UCCE Halloween Show...; Back row: Ari, Joey, Anand, Park, Athena; Front row: Stacy, Keith, Sabrina, Caitlin, Daniel

Baltic Tour, 2004

UCCE Holiday Concert 2003

The women dressed up for our holiday concert...: Left to right: Sarah, Brette, Caitlin, Lily, Sabrina, Darcy

...and the men.: Left to right: Cameron, Kenji (kneeling), Joey, Anand (hiding), Ari, Park, Ben, Arjun, Daniel

UCCE Halloween Concert 2003

Looking gothic for Halloween. Back row: Sabrina, Sarah, Kristen, Ben, Lily, Cameron, Darcy, Arjun, Daniel; Front row: Anand, Caitlin, Kenji, Brette, Ari

China Tour 2002

Doug Raymond of UC Alumni Chorus recorded these live during our China Tour in the summer of 2002.

During our China Tour of summer, 2002, at the Ming Tombs, we discover that ten people can make a lot of sound in a stone tunnel. The song is Ach, weh des Leiden, which we're pretty sure that the deceased Ming emperors had never heard before.

We celebrate backstage in Beijing after our very first China concert.Left to right: Emily, Sarah, Caitlin (kneeling), August, Brent, Sabrina, Kristy, Kenji, Brette, Ari

P5 performs in Xian. Left to right: Brette, Brent, Matt, Kristy, Sabrina, Kenji, Sarah, August, David, Emily, Caitlin, Ari

After a cruise down the Li River, our boat arrives at Yangshuo. Left to right: Kristy, Ari, Sabrina, Matt

The group in Shanghai. Back row: Kristy, Kenji, Caitlin, Ari, Brent, David, Sarah; Front row: Emily, Sabrina, Matt, Brette, August
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